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Personal, customized itineraries of San Francisco. If you're looking to maximize your visit to San Francisco, we need to talk. This is not a free service, but if you want a trip you'll remember for the rest of your life, email me now. Details below ...

Saturday, July 12, 2014

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Sunday, January 25, 2009

Custom Itineraries of San Francisco?

Looking for a unique trip to San Francisco?

Hire me to help before you get here. I'll put together a short list of fun things (cheap) or a customized itinerary (a little more expensive) that is perfect for you and for your taste - romantic, high-tech, with the kids or without, gay/lesbian, sporty, healthy, relaxing, spa, wine country, party-on Garth, or whatever you like. All budgets - cheap and free or larger budgets and splurges.

I've lived in SF Bay Area and Monterey Bay Area for most of my life. People say I have good taste and the ability to turn people onto fun things they love.

If you want free things to do, I have a blog at: that is a hobby of unique things to do here in SF. I also put together a FREE 43 page eBook that will guide you over the Golden Gate Bridge using a rental bike (with all the details you need to make it happen. Look for the blue and yellow button (on the left side): Bike The Bay in 1/2 a Day, Your Way!

If you just want ideas and recommendations, I do that too. I'm not cheap, but I'm good at helping people do what they like, and have been told I'm good at it.

Send me a note of when you'll be here, what your interests are, if you're frugal or want to splurge, how many days or hours you want me to plan for, and I'll give you an estimate of the costs. If you like the idea, you'll send a deposit, I'll put together your itinerary, you'll approve it, or ask for some alterations; then I'll revise, you'll be set and you'll pay the balance.

I promise you one thing - it'll be fun. I love nothing better than to help people have a good time.

Email me now: